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Looking for more clients to fill your schedule?
Struggling with excess inventory?
Hand with Money

We could have the
solution for you.

With barter, we promote your business and fill your extra time and capacity with new customers.

Here are some examples of barter at work:

  • Restaurant fills empty seats by accepting barter
  • Hotels and resorts fill empty rooms
  • Lawyers and accountants add billable hours
  • Tradespeople keep their schedules full
  • Web designers attract new clients
  • Retailers sell excess inventory at full retail
  • Advertisers sell unsold ad space and airtime
  • Dentists and optometrists get more bookings
Accountant Retail Store Hotel Room Law

Here's how it works

The barter systems for business operates much like the use of credit cards.
When you buy something on barter, your account balance is reduced by the
amount of the purchase, and the seller's account is increased, and a central
clearing house manages the transaction for a small fee.

How it Works Diagram
Stop Spending Cash

Stop Spending Cash!
Use barter dollars instead

With barter, you can stop spending cash and start using barter dollars to pay
for a huge assortment of business expenses, such as accounting, advertising,
web design, printing, staff incentives, legal services, renovations and much more.

You can also enhance your personal life with family getaways,
dining, health and recreational opportunities.

First Canadian Barter members are also eligible for interest-free
barter lines of credit to help build their businesses.

Familiy at Dinner Renovation Legal Services
Clients are Waiting for You

We have clients waiting for you

As a member, your business will be promoted in newsletters, emails and by
word-of-mouth. You'll be invited to networking events including tradeshows,
mixers and more. You'll also have a personal broker dedicated to promoting your
business and helping you access the goods and services you need on barter.

Because we actively help barter members connect, we always
have a list of jobs other members are looking to get done.
You might already have work waiting for you.

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