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First Canadian Barter Exchange was founded over 16 years ago. We focus on service and results and have generated millions of dollars in new business for our members.

We focus on getting to know each member’s business. We understand that every business owner has unique needs, and we have the experience to not only fill the needs you have today but to anticipate those you’ll have in the future.

By providing the highest levels of service in the industry, First Canadian is proud to have excellent customer retention with a number of original members still enjoying the benefits of membership today. We currently have over 600 local members. We also have affiliates across Canada, the United States and in other areas around the world.

About the Barter Industry

Over $12 billion in trade was conducted through barter exchanges during 2009/2010 according to industry estimates. (Up from $8.25 billion in 2004.) Over $8 billion of that took place in North America. The World Trade Organization estimates that 15% of international trade is conducted on a non-cash basis.

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