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Case Studies
Bob Garlick
Active member for 9 years
Bob Garlick, Garlick Marketing
Use Barter to Build Your Brand

“Using barter allowed me to get 90% of our marketing done without using any cash. I would get photographers, ad spaces and everything else using barter.” Read the full article ...

Neil Godin
Active member for 15 years
Neil Godin, Neil Godin International Inc.
An Expert’s Take on Barter

A marketing and sales trainer, speaker and writer, Neil works with large clients such as Royal Bank, Telus, Shell and McDonalds, but his passion is working with small businesses. He recommends barter to businesses of all sizes as a way to improve their bottom line. Read the full article ...

Teresa Holoman
Active member for 15 years
Teresa & John Holoman
A Barter Wedding

Putting together a wedding can be an expensive and time consuming process, but not for Teresa Holoman of Tasty Raw Chef, and her husband John. When their daughter got married, they made the most of their barter dollars. Here’s their story in their own words. Read the full story ...

Ilya Goldman
Active member for 13 years
Ilya Goldman, Internet Exposure
Barter Can Help Your New Business Grow

Ilya Goldman has been using barter since he founded Internet Exposure in 2001. Barter has not only helped his client base grow, but also enables him to reduce his cash expenses. Read the full Q & A ...

Len Goossen
Active member for 16 years
Len Goossen & Associates

Len Goossen, CGA has been a barter member for 16 years. Learn about some of the benefits he’s experienced. Read the full story ...