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Here's How Barter Works

The barter systems for business operates much like the use of credit cards. When you buy something on barter, your account balance is reduced by the amount of the purchase, and the seller's account is increased, and a central clearing house manages the transaction for a small fee.

Graphic giving a visiual of how barter with a commercial barter exchange works

For Example

A restaurant joins First Canadian Barter Exchange and is given a line of credit in barter dollars. The restaurant owner chooses to spend $1000 barter on magazine advertising. The owner of the magazine decides to take some of the barter dollars he earned from the restaurant and purchase accounting services. The accountant can now use his barter dollars with any of the 600 local members, or affiliates across North America.


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Learn how Modern Barter Works
Bartering is the exchanging of goods and services without the exchanging of cash. When a barter member makes a sale to another barter member, the seller is paid in barter dollars. One barter dollar is equivalent to one Canadian dollar. The seller can then take their barter dollars and spend them with any other member of the exchange. Watch the video for an example.
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